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  • 28 Feb 2015 - The President Tpo visit with Industrial Deputy Minister of India
    25 Feb 2015

  • Afkhami: Non-Oil Export Growth in the First 11 Months of The Year Up %22, Export Statistics Reach $46/300 M
    23 Feb 2015

  • Afkhami Rad:Non-Oil Exports Reach $42/600m In The First 10 Months of The Year
    2 Feb 2015

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Foreign Exchange Rates
exchange rates    26/03/2015
usdus dollar27,992down
gbpbritish pound41,670up
chfswiss franc29,184down
sekswedish krona3,301up
noknorwegian kroner3,577up
dkkdanish krone4,114up
inrindian rupee448down
aed emir. dirham7,622eq
kwdkuwaiti dinar93,485up
pkr100pakistan 100 rupees27,456down
jpy100jap 100 yens23,466up
hkdhong kong dollar3,610eq
omromani rial72,697down
cadcanadian dollar22,415up
zarsouth africa rand2,357down
tryturkish new lira10,816down
rubrussian ruble488up
qarqatari rial7,688down
iqd100iraqi 100 dinars2,407up
sypsyrian pound149eq
audaustralian dollar21,884down
sarsaudi riyal7,463down
bhdbahraini dinar74,202down
sgdsingapore dollar20,422down
lkr10sri lanka 10 rupees2,100down
npr100nepalese 100 rupees28,046down
amd100armenian 100 drams5,925up
lydlibyan dinar20,447down
cnychinese yuan4,507down
thb100thai 100 bahts85,932down
myrmalaysian ringgit7,612down
krw1000south korean 1000 wons25,360down
kzt100kazakhstani 100 tenge15,056up
afnafghan afghani485down
aznazerbaijani manat26,696down
byr1000belarusian 1000 rubles1,924up
tjstajikistan somoni4,891down
vebvenezuelan bolivar4,409down
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