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27 May 2017 - Iran’s wheat production to reach 15m tons this year: USDA



With a three-percent decrease, Iran’s annual production of wheat will reach 15 million tons in 2017, U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) forecasted in its latest report.


In its latest report named “Grain: World Markets and Trade”, USDA predicted that Iran will produce 15 million tons of wheat by the end of 2017, showing three percent decrease in comparison with the previous year that the figure stood at 15.5 million tons. The country’s annual production of barely will also witness a three percent fall and will reach 2.9 million tons from 2016’s 3 million tons. Rice production in Iran will hover around 1.78 million tons in 2017, registering no significant difference from the preceding year, the same report confirmed.


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