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Forbidden goods for export and import

According to the laws and regulations of Islamic republic of Iran, especially based on the article 40 of customs act, import and export of some goods are generally forbidden.
Some of these goods are as follows:
1- Alcoholic drinks
2- Gambling tools
3- Weapons, ammunitions and explosive goods
4- Narcotic drugs
5- Magazines, publications, photos, films, snaps and those goods which are against the religious and national dignity of the country
6- Any type of writings against the official religion of the country or against the discipline and public purity and national dignity
7- Other goods which have legitimate or legal prohibition and or its export or import has been prohibited according to the customs tariff table

Import of domestic animals and birds is subject to presenting hygiene certificate of country of origin and approval of the veterinary organization of our country and their export is subject to presenting hygiene certificate of veterinary organization of our country.
- Import and export of wild animals and birds is subject to presenting certificate of Iran department of environment.
- Import and export of counterfeit goods is forbidden.
- Import and release of telecommunication goods such as wireless phones is subject to presenting telecommunication and IT ministry's permit.
- Import and release of plants (twig, shrub, flower, …) and seeds is subject to present permit of plant quarantine.
- Import and release of live fish is subject to permit of ministry of agricultural jihad.
- Import of medicines is allowed only for personal usage and at low volume, more volume is subject to obtaining legal permits such as permit of ministry of hygiene and payment of import duties and taxes.
- Import of cigarette for every passenger is allowed for amount of one box equal to 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars. The allowed amount of tobacco for each passenger is 250 grams.