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Green & Red Channels


 Customs green / red channels

green Channel
Those passengers can pass the green channel who:
A) Do not have the following goods:
1- Arms and ammunitions
2- Disks, audio / video tapes
3- Books and magazines against the Islamic and national beliefs of the country.
4- Wireless telephone and transmitter
5- Seed and cutting, flower bulb
6- Gambling tools
7- Alcoholic drinks
8- Narcotics
B) Have the first trip in the current year or have not used the passenger exemption in their previous trips.
C) Do not have business goods and the value of their new goods do not exceed 80 dollars for each person.
Red Channel

Those passengers can pass the red channel who:
1- Have had more than one trip to other countries in the current year.
2- Have goods which aren’t considered as business goods or their goods cost more than legal level.
3- Or have one of the eight above mentioned goods ( in green channel )
note 1:
The green channel dose not mean that the customs does not perform the inspection of goods .
The customs officers can select some of the passengers of green channel and inspect their goods. If they do not have the requirements for passing through this channel, their declaration will be illegal and their goods will be considered as smuggling.
note 2:
If a passenger does not have any goods or his / her goods cost less than 80 dollars, in order to be able to use the remain of his / her exemption in his / her other trips, he/she should pass through red channel. The customs officers will mention the case in his/her passport.
note 3:
In the case of no items mentioned in the passenger’s passport, he / she can use the passenger exemption.
Customs can urge the passengers to complete the declaration presented to them at the gate of entry/exit, in order to inspect the passengers’ goods according to their written declaration.
In the case of any difference between the passenger’s goods and his/her declaration, the goods not mentioned in declaration or declared illegally will be supposed as smuggled goods.