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Whit respect to the objects of the fourth plan of economical and cultural development of the country, the free and special economical zones have been defined as a solution to deal country, defined as a solution to deal whit the economy and intentional purpose markets. Such solution, specially by changing the country's trading strategy, has converted from importation replacement strategy into the strategy of encouragement and development of exportation, which is a new step and in which the same always been considered as a mean for due encouragement of industrial development with the goal of exports, a mean changing the global trade structure in favor of developing countries, a mean to develop the international trade and helpful for the matter of development . In this regard, due establishment of free zones with respect to the modern definition thereof dates back to the beginning of the 60s in the Irish port of Shannon, after which more than 850 free and special economical zones has been established all over the world – and especially at the developing countries with respect to certain economical purposes. Also due commencement of free zones establishment dates back to year 1999.


Advisory Department of the Presidency in Free Zones Affairs